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Recycling process / Petrochemical process

Certify your waste plastic for chemical Recycling to new plastic – empowering the circular economy.

The goal – We will receive plastic waste that is not mechanically recyclable, and analyze the potential for chemical recycling to new plastics. A minimum of 3-5 kilograms of plastic required that has been washed and shredded to start a testing process.

In our LAB Reactor, the plastic waste will undergo a thermochemical pyrolysis process where the end product is oil. This operation corresponds to processes on a larger industrial scale. The plastic is processed through a closed thermal oxygen-free system and the end product will be crude oil. After testing, the oil will be analyzed.

We want plastic from PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, and PS. Laminates and mixed plastics are possible. If any other type; Let us know and we can discuss opportunities together.

Analysis – Through certified laboratories, we will analyze the specific oil produced from your plastic waste. All according to oil analysis specifications to determine the pyrolysis oil’s value on circular economy. Further analyses are carried out according to a comprehensive list of analysis criteria. These findings will form the basis of your plastic waste potential to be produced into new plastic.

The entire process will be ISCC-certified and REACH-classified according to EU regulations and will be fine-tuned in terms of yield and oil quality. Chemical standards will be created by REACH Compliency.

Analysis and final product: The oil is sent to Eurofins and analyzed based on requirements set by Borealis. The approved final product is defined in 4 categories, From SEK 12 – SEK 20, of which the highest price is Naptha quality