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Plant Arena

Polyfuels Billingsfors AB is planning a 24-tonne pyrolysis plant in the EcoPark area. The area is approved for the industry with a strategic distance between Norway and Sweden. The infrastructure in the area is very well adapted to logistics for heavy transport as well as access to railways. The area’s flat structure makes it ideal for pyrolysis plants and it has a large-scale industrial hall of 9000 m2 part of the total area, which is set up in the building.

Polyfuels Group AB is currently establishing a demonstration plant at Billingsfors, which processes up to -2 tonnes of plastic waste per day. This establishment will lead to a full-scale plant treatment of up to 24 tons per day in mid-2025. The first operations are scheduled to start in mid-2025.

info about the pyrolysis plant

Polyfuels Group AB’s strategy forecast for 2023-2026 aims to take the position as the “Scandinavian market leader in plastic-to-oil” for further processing (cracking) at Borealis Stenungsund for new polymers and plastic raw materials for the industry.

The location of the plant in Billingsfors in Bengtsfors municipality will be a demographic center with a strategic location between Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Bengtsfors municipality is located in the growth zone between Gothenburg and Oslo. Bengtsfors municipality is a highly attractive municipality that has facilitated investment in the green industry. This will contribute to green jobs, and Polyfuels Billingsfors will be part of this initiative by laying its first pyrolysis plant here.