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Pyrum and Polyfuels sign letter of intent to jointly build and operate four pyrolysis plants

Press release of Pyrum Innovations AG

Pyrum and Polyfuels sign letter of intent to jointly build and operate four  pyrolysis plants

• Letter of intent provides for the construction and operation of four pyrolysis plants in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia
• Each plant is to consist of at least three pyrolysis reactors with a capacity of about 20,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres per year
• Establishment of a joint venture planned within the next 12 months

Dillingen / Saar, 24 January 2023 – Pyrum Innovations AG (“Pyrum”), a pioneer in the sustainable recycling of end-of-life tyres (ELT) based on its patented pyrolysis technology, and Polyfuels Group AB intend to jointly build and operate four pyrolysis plants as part of a joint venture. Both companies have agreed on this in a letter of intent (LOI). The plants will be based on Pyrum technology and will be realised by Circular Tires AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Polyfuels. Polyfuels Group AB is engaged in the collection and recycling of plastics, mixed plastics – both from industry and consumers – and chemical recycling projects with industrial partners.

According to the LOI, a total of up to four pyrolysis plants for recycling waste tyres are to be built in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia by 2030. Pyrum and Polyfuels plan to contractually fix the construction of the plants within the next twelve months. Pyrum will support its partner in all phases of the project, from the planning and construction of the plants to the basic process design and possible distribution channels for the raw materials and products. In addition, it was agreed that Pyrum will participate in the joint investment and receive compensation for its support in the planning process.

Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Innovations AG: “After our successful IPO in Oslo, our cooperation with Polyfuels is a first important step for the development of the Nordic market. We are pleased to be working with an equally ambitious partner who – like us – has set itself the goal of striving for a circular economy in the field of waste recycling. The Scandinavian countries are pioneers in this respect and we want to contribute to achieving the demanding goals.”

Geir Langeland, CEO Polyfuels Group AB: “Polyfuels started the process over a year ago in order to be first mover in the Nordic region regarding ELT projects. Today’s systems in the Nordic region are obviously not sustainable. After evaluating ELT technologies we concluded that Pyrum has an optimal turnkey solution for ELT with a complete business model, not at least regarding offtake ELT oil with BASF. We have already started pre-studies on four projects with partners and located concrete sites for the ELT plants in all countries.”

Each of the planned plants will be equipped with three pyrolysis reactors and thus have a recycling capacity of around 20,000 tonnes of ELT per year. This represents a significant expansion of Pyrum Innovations AG’s current capacities. Currently, the existing Pyrum plant in Dillingen/Saar is being expanded from one to three production lines. The construction work is proceeding largely according to plan despite a generally tight supply situation. The new shredder is scheduled to go into operation by the end of February 2023, and the first commissioning work of the entire plant is expected for the end of the first quarter.

About Pyrum Innovations AG
Pyrum Innovations AG is active in the attractive recycling market for end-of-life tyres with its patented pyrolysis technology. Pyrum’s pyrolysis process is energy self-sufficient and, according to the Fraunhofer Institute, saves significantly more CO2 emissions than today’s standard recycling processes for end-of-life tyres – especially compared to incineration in cement plants – and produces new raw materials such as pyrolysis oil, gas and recovered carbon black from the waste used as input materials. In this way, Pyrum closes the recyclable material loop and pursues a completely sustainable business model. As a pioneer, Pyrum Innovations AG was the first company in the end-of-life tyre recycling sector to receive REACH registration from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for the pyrolysis oil it produces. This means that the oil is recognised as an official raw material that can be used in production processes. In addition, Pyrum has received ISCC PLUS certification for the pyrolysis oil and the recovered carbon black. Both products are thus considered sustainable and renewable raw materials. These achievements have also been recognised by international experts in the tyre industry. For example, Pyrum won the Best Tyre Recycling Innovation category at the inaugural Recircle Awards and has been nominated for the “Grand Prix Mittelstand” (“Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”) from the German state of Saarland.

About Polyfuels
The company’s purpose is through environmentally friendly technology to operate circular, financially profitable, sustainable activities in material recycling processes of plastic and other organic materials. With industrial partners Polyfuels will produce and sell end products from the chemical processes that convert plastic and organic material into liquid carbon compounds.

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TREASoURcE, a new European project to develop systemic circular economy solutions in cities and regions, launched in June

Helsinki (Finland), June 22, 2022. – TREASoURcE, a new European project receives close EUR 10 million to develop systemic circular economy solutions in cities and regions for currently underutilised or unused plastic waste, end-of-life electric vehicle batteries and bio-based waste and side streams in the Nordics and the Baltic Sea Region. The four-year project is coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and has 17 partners in the consortium.

The Nordic region has a population of over 27 million, and forms the 12th largest economy in the world; together with Baltics, Poland and Northern Germany the population is over 62 million. The Nordics have a long history of collaborating and are frontrunners in circular economy with ambitious climate and environmental targets, motivated decision makers, and driven and interested citizens and communities. However, low and decentralised volumes of the targeted waste streams remain a common issue. This generates further challenges in operational feasibility and security due to challenges in securing sufficient feedstock qualities and quantities.

The objective of TREASoURcE is to initiate systemic change by implementing sustainable systemic circular economy demonstrations that significantly increase product and material circulation of highly consumed and waste generating plastics, batteries and biobased side and waste streams. The circularity is boosted by executing replicable demonstrations across the value chains, developing and scaling up technical solutions, and innovating with a broad range of stakeholders, such as businesses, decision makers, consumers, local communities and experts in the field. The circular economy solutions will be demonstrated in cities and regions located in the Nordic countries including Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The demonstrations will be replicated in the Baltic Sea Region countries, namely Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Northern Germany.

”We have a large and highly qualified project consortium working together to develop and scale technical solutions for efficient demonstration and further widespread replication of systemic circular economy solutions”, states the Project Coordinator Anna Tenhunen-Lunkka from VTT. “The fact that the project has three very different key value chains that all apply different circular strategies, it will be very important to see how we can learn from the different value chains and co-develop circularity. This is a great start for initiating systemic change – however, it is not enough as such. Typical issues with being able to transition and adapt to circular economy relate to technical, regulatory, market and cultural challenges. As these challenges are often interlinked and benefit from being developed and solved simultaneously, these kind of large consortiums with broad range of stakeholders involved are key in being able to successfully demonstrate circular economy solutions. We take a step further in the project as we get hands-on involved with consumers, citizens and communities, and furthermore, instead of just making policy recommendations, we will actually implement them on regional levels. We look forward to making a real change and tackle the challenges of truly transitioning to circular economy.”

The combination of the cities and regions will enable large reach and bigger impact and boost the replicability and scalability potential of the circular economy solutions. The systemic circular economy solutions support the regions in introducing circular economy practices to their citizens and businesses to help decouple from fossil virgin resources and excess raw material consumption, increase resilience (self-sufficiency, value chain security, environment, and nature), decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to climate neutral economies. TREASoURcE is also part of the European Union’s Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) that seeks to support the implementation of local and regional circular economy solutions. “The Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) is an important initiative that put at the centre cities and regions as the engine for the EU’s transition to a circular economy”, says the Project Officer Davide Delaiti from the European Commission. “We find that the TREASoURcE project perfectly embeds this purpose by using innovative technologies and methods to implement circular economy practices in the field of plastics, batteries, and biobased side streams. The strong expertise and complementarity of the 17 partners will certainly contribute to the creation of new business opportunities in cities and regions in the Nordics, Baltics, Poland and Germany.”

TREASoURcE is an initiative funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme with a total budget of EUR 9.99 million. The four-year project is coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, and the consortium consists of 17 partners from seven European countries. The partner organisations include four research and technology organisations or universities: VTT, SINTEF, SDU, TalTech; seven cities and regions: Forum Virium Helsinki, EcoFellows Ltd, Business Tampere, Viken County Council, Fredrikstad kommune, City of Tallinn, Tartu City; a rural and primary producers’ union MTK; two small and medium size enterprises: GreenDelta, CLIC Innovation; and three industrial partners: Topsoe, Green Ideas Group and ECO STOR.

For more information, contact: Project Coordinator Anna Tenhunen-Lunkka ( or


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