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Sorter TM Hotel

Green Ideas will finished the design of a new product to sort waste in hotel rooms – optimal functionality, ergonomic design. SortérTM It utilizes the wall’s surface to increase the space in the room.

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Sorter TM Oil

Green Ideas will finished the design of SortérTM OIL. This is a unique solution for intermedium storage and handling of various oils from household cooking.

The waste management bin with spill proof lid is integrated in the SortérTM Concept.

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BatRecycle Smart Battery Disposal – A universal product designed to help households and businesses recycle more batteries.

Designed and developed by a UK-based company, BatRecycle provides individuals and organisations with the means to actively contribute to a safer environment, whilst saving them money at the same time.

In European Union member states, the ‘Battery Directive’ has set minimum targets for the collection of waste batteries. By September 2012, 25% of batteries sold must be recycled. This increases to 45% by September 2016. BatRecycle will promote higher annual recycling and collection returns in EU member states, thereby helping to reduce the amount of batteries sent to landfill.

BatRecycle Smart Battery Disposal is a global product that will help all countries make more efficient use of batteries and at the same time ensure they go only for approved recycling rather than creating long-term contamination in landfill sites.

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Sorter TM

Green Ideas AS has developed and patented the Sortér TM, a unique three- fractionated waste management solution for kitchen base cabinet with 50 and 60 cm. wide doors, which have been in the trade since 2011.

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