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About the company

Polyfuels Viken is a subsidiary of Polyfuels Group AB, located in Fredrikstad municipality. Polyfuels Viken’s purpose will through environmentally friendly technology operate a circular, economically profitable, and sustainable business within material recycling processes of plastics and other organic materials.

The company manufactures and sells end products from chemical processes that convert plastics and organic matter into liquid carbon compounds. In cooperation with partners, standards are drawn up for petrochemical end products that meet certification standards. The entire process will be ISCC certified and REACH classified according to EU regulations.

Polyfuels Viken will, in collaboration with GG Gruppen, offer solutions for the waste market in our Lab-Reactor system by testing waste plastic that is currently used for incineration. The location of the facility will be near GG Group’s headquarters, with very suitable facilities and infrastructure. The project is done in collaboration with Fredrikstad Municipality and Viken County Council.

Polyfuels Viken, in collaboration with industry partners, will contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by developing and operating the first industrial plants for chemical recycling of plastic waste.

If you have any interest in testing/analyzing your products/feedstock, please contact with us for further possibilities CLICK HERE.