• Polyfuels Group AB have signed 3 partnership agreements with Norsk Dekkretur, Svensk Däckåtervinning and Finnish Tyre Recycling, in addition to the collaboration agreement with Pyrum Innovation AG.

• All partnerships to support Polyfuels Group in the development phase, is conducted by subsidiary Circular Tires.

• Polyfuels Group AB has cooperation with Pyrum and BASF in the projects on four strategic locations in the Nordic region, including Estonia, to be included in the roll out strategy.

• Pyrum and BASF will in this collaboration participate in the project group in order to secure a solid technical foundation. Based on this stakeholder platform, we will establish a 60 000 tonnes capacity in the 3 Nordic projects initiated simultaneously in Norway, Sweden & Finland and Estonia to be evaluated with up to 15 000 tonnes yearly.

The Pyrum Thermolysis


The unique Pyrum-Thermolysis is a thermal dismantling of organic substances respectively rubber and plastic waste under exclusion of oxygen. The process allows precise temperature and pressure control, which minimizes the risks during the pyrolysis process (spark-free and airtight) and guarantees raw materials of a constant, high quality. These process conditions produce vapors that condense to oil at low temperatures, permanent gas (gaseous hydrocarbon compounds) and coke.

A special feature of the patented process is that, after a single start-up of the plant with external energy, sufficient energy is generated by the recovered gas to enable self-sufficient operation of the plant. In addition, a surplus of energy is won, which can be resold as thermal or electrical energy.

Pyrum Technology