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Plant / Arena

Polyfuels Viken is planning a fully operational 24-ton plant in Viken Park. The location is central between Sarpsborg / Fredrikstad with good facilitation and efficient transport options from land, air, rail, and Glomma.

Viken Park will be an upcoming industrial area that facilitates environmentally friendly industry in various sectors. Its strategic location makes the location ideal for Polyfuels pyrolysis and tires plants. Strategic location in the “Nordic Logistics Triangle” between Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Copenhagen.

The facilitation of large establishments with good opportunities for expansion and synergies makes the area attractive. Viken Park is in line with Polyfuels goals for a greener industry and the opportunities to be part of a circular economy. Access to clean energy from wind, water and efficient facilitation makes the area ideal for both pyrolysis and tires plants.

Polyfuels Viken is planning a fully operational 2-ton plant in Halden at GG Gruppen. This is a test laboratory for plastic waste for oil that will have production, research, and development as its purpose. The facility will offer plastic testing for commercial customers who have challenges disposing of their waste plastic. Plastic that is currently incinerated can be part of a circular economy by delivering it to our facilities for analysis and chemical recycling for the production of new plastics.

The planned start-up for testing is Q4 2023 and the production start-up is planned for Q1 2024. The fully operational 24-tonne plant in Viken Park is planning start-up in Q4 2025.

Customers throughout Norway are welcome to test and analyse their plastic for certified pyrolysis oil production.

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Strategically located area for our 24-ton plant.

Svinesundveien 336, 1788 Halden. Short distance to the E6, Borg Harbour, and railway terminal Rolvsøy. Entry; 200 –300 m2 industrial hall / suitable industrial outdoor.