The Polyfuels concept is based on collection of waste plastic feedstock from industry – and mixed plastic from the households being incinerated today, but not mechanically recycled into new plastic pellets. The plastic will be washed, crushed, and go through a thermochemical closed and clean process in reactors creating pyrolysis oil.

The pyrolysis-oil will then be processed further in a – cracking process – with the company’s industrial chemical partner into new plastic, contributing to a sustainable green circular economy.

For the past years, we have tested waste plastic from a variety of potential feedstock suppliers, to learn about content and setting new standards for pyoil, and thereby a new sustainable industry.

The company is currently establishing industrial scaled demonstration plants at Billingsfors, Sweden and Viken, Norway. These 2 establishments will lead to fullscale plants processing up to 24 tonnes per day by midst 2025.